Custom Pet Portraits – Tribute to a Cherished Pet

If you’re like me, pets are a part of the family; providing companionship, unconditional love and plenty of entertainment.  

I started creating Custom Pet Portraits as a unique way to pay tribute to our beloved animal companions who have filled out lives with loving memories, as well as unforgettable shenanigans. Pet Portraits make thoughtful gifts and memorialize the love we share for those suffering pet loss, and those grieving their passing.  

Custom Dog Portrait Fine Art Print
Custom Pet Art, Personalized Pet Portraits by Transit Design

I’m including several portraits of cats and dogs that I created during the holiday season. Of course, these colorful digital paintings are not limited to just dogs or cats. I would love to create artwork of your horse, Guinea Pig, chicken, lizard, or mouse! 

Custom Pet Portraits by Michael Jon Watt, Transit Design

My pet art is created digitally in a watercolor style using a photo that you provide. The most successful portraits come from high-resolution photos taken with your smart phone, or a digital camera. Photos pulled from social media platforms, don’t work the best for Custom Pet Portraits, because they reduce the file size of the photo, and make it low-resolution. 

Custom Dachshund Pet Portrait by Michael Jon Watt, Transit Design
Custom Dog Portraits by Michael Jon Watt, Transit Design

The artwork is printed on museum grade archival watercolor paper, and is available in several sizes. Most folks also choose to include their pet’s name in one of the fonts that I offer. 

Custom Watercolor Pet Portraits by Transit Design
Custom Pet Art by Transit Design, Michael Jon Watt

Why not have a personalized portrait of a pet made for Valentines, an upcoming birthday or anniversary, or Mothers and Fathers Day? I’d love to work with you and bring a smile (and possibly a joyful tear) to the face of someone you love. 

Dog and Cat Portraits by Michael Jon Watt


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