Collection: City Art & Word Art

Discover my City Art and Word Art collection, where typography and design come together to capture the vibrant pulse of your city or beloved destinations. Make your own City Art, or find a design you love! These unique typographic prints and wall art are designed to transform your space into a visual poetry of modern living. (Spiffy!)

Bring your walls to life.

Modern Word Art Prints.
Add color to your walls with my Modern Word Art Prints, where graphic art meets the power of words. Each print combines a city, town or location with favorite activities and memories. Celebrate the art of typography, skillfully crafted into striking wall art that matches your vibe. Let the shape of letterforms and words adorn your space with inspiration and style.

City Art Signs.
My City Art Signs capture the essence of vibrant cities and their iconic landmarks. Each canvas portrays the city's spirit, from favorite neighborhood hotspots, to hidden alleys and streets. Hang this wall art and let the city's energy infuse your space with a contemporary vibe.

Custom Neighborhood Signs.
Celebrate the charm of your neighborhood with a custom Neighborhood Sign – a tribute to the local stories and landmarks that make your community unique. Choose your own location and neighborhoods, from quaint cafes to historic monuments. Display your city art with pride, and let the walls of your home tell the story of your town.

Transit Design’s City Art and Word Art collection redefines the concept of wall art. My typography poster art and graphic art prints blend seamlessly with your home decor, offering you a curated experience of visual delight. Explore my collection and let your walls speak the language of art and urban sophistication. Transform your space into a canvas of creativity and embrace the fusion of words and cityscapes.