New Social Justice Posters

New Poster Designs

In light of current events, I’ve created a series of Social Justice Posters using inspirational quotes from Black Community Leaders and Activists. These posters are meant to inspire and remind folks of the hard work that has yet to be done surrounding racial issues.

Social Justice, Protest Poster by Transit Design

Half of the proceeds from the sale of these posters goes to the Conscious Kid, a youth oriented organization that puts children’s books into the hands of kids to educate and promote discussions surrounding racism, racial bias and equality.

Maya Angelou Quote, Protest Poster by Transit Design

These colorful posters are available in 3 sizes and look great framed. Thought provoking and graphic. I designed them for classrooms, teachers, community spaces, churches, therapists, dorm rooms or any place where equality is celebrated.

Protest Poster, Alice Walker Quote. Transit Design.
Love is What Justice Looks Like in Public. Anti-Racist Poster by Transit Design.

Covid Era Greeting Cards

I’ve also added to my line of Smirkantile Greeting Cards with new designs that speak to the challenges we all face during this era of social distancing and separation. Be sure to check out my entire collection of cards meant to bring a smile to their face, or comfort someone you love.

Funny Covid-19 Greeting Card by Smirkantile

Empathy Card by Smirkantile for Transit Design

Funny Greeting Cards by Smirkantile for Transit Design

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